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Modules, furniture assembled by automatic pressing and wooden dowels to provide the furniture with optimal rigidity.

This form of production results in a piece of furniture with greater characteristics, simplification and speed of assembly.

The frames of the modules can be 16mm, formed by particles of wood (agglomerate) joined together by means of a special 19mm adhesive with resistance to humidity, waterproof, tested according to the standard UNE EN 312


Frame of 16 mm modules with agglomerate made up of wood particles joined together by means of a special adhesive.


Module frame with 19mm water-repellent material, high resistance to humidity.

Tested according to standard UNE EN 312

The module has backs of 10mm thick, giving it extra rigidity.

The back itself is separated a few millimeters from the end of the cabinet increased storage capacity by almost 50%.

We leave a sufficient space between the wall and the furniture for the passage of some installation such as electrical.

These details increase the capacity, quality and resistance of the Hélice Cocinas furniture, enhancing the value of the module system.


Comparison between conventional KIT type Module and XXL Hélice Kitchens Module

KIT type module:

Width 600mm

depth 600mm

Height 700mm

Capacity m3: 0.21m3

XXL HELCE Kitchen Module

Width 600 mm

Profundidad 650 mm

Height 850 mm

Capacity m3: 0,32m3

+50% CAP. (regarding kit furniture)

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