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Decoraimes has made this excellent design and color combination, in close collaboration with Hélice Cocinas to make this great space a reality in the home.

Using materials such as our Verona Model lacquered in white with black handles and Lisboa Lis 12 in a wood tone.

cocina madera enmarcada tirador helice 1

Inspiration and simplicity in your kitchen

Generous design projects, delicately chosen colors,

spaces full of life and the renunciation of trivial decorative elements,

They manage to create continuous and balanced spaces.

cocina madera enmarcada tirador helice 7

Since 1949 manufacturing your kitchen

Since then we are proud to say that three different generations of clients have trusted our know-how.

Year 1949, the history of Hélice Cocinas begins in the middle of the 20th century.

At this time we are in a decade of changes and transformations for society, cultural, artistic and technological innovation.

cocina madera enmarcada tirador helice 2

Combining dark and light tones in the kitchen environment. Complementing with a 12mm Zenith model white Dekton countertop.

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